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Become Aries Reseller/distributor

Welcome to Aries Brand, your partner in promoting sustainable and ethical fashion. We're excited to share our vegan leather bags and lab-grown diamond jewelry with like-minded wholesalers and distributors.

Ready to join hands for a sustainable fashion future? 
Contact us today by filling following joining application!

Let's make a positive impact, together.


1. Application 
Apply online or via email with your company details and intent to partner with Aries Brand.

2. Qualification Review
We'll assess your application for alignment with our values and distribution criteria.

3. Initial Discussion
Shortlisted candidates will engage in a conversation to explore collaboration opportunities.


1. Product Presentation
Get an in-depth look at our vegan leather bags and lab-grown diamond jewelry.

2. Agreement and Terms
Upon agreement, we'll provide a clear partnership agreement.

3. Product Training
Benefit from product training to effectively market our products.

4. Marketing Support & Ongoing Communication

Access marketing materials and potential co-marketing opportunities. Stay connected for updates, support, and queries.


1. Exclusive Offers
Enjoy exclusive access to special offers and products.

2. Growth and Expansion
Opportunities for expanding our collaboration as we grow together.

3. Sustainability and Ethics
Uphold our values of sustainability and ethics in your distribution.

Handshake in the Office
Let us grow together
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Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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